Colombian Christmas Lights

December 7th marks the official beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. It is the Día de la Anunciación -- a Catholic holiday. However, Catholics and non-Catholics alike celebrate this day by placing candles and lanterns and lights all over the front of the house and along the sidewalks. It is known as the Día de Velitas or El Alumbrado.

We continue this tradition in our family by placing red, white and green paper lunch sacks each filled with sand and a lighted candle around our front yard. My husband also tells about Angel Gabriel's announcement that María was with child. In Colombia, the entire neighborhood is outside and you can hear music, laughter, and singing. There is also plenty of dancing. Here in the States, we are the only ones on the street, but it makes for a meaningful evening with our kids.

You can see how this holiday was celebrated in Colombia last night by clicking on the title of this post and then clicking where it says VER GALERIA.

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