Colombian Person of the Year

Just like Time Magazine, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo announces a Person of the year every December. This year's winner has been announced: JUANES.

JUANES, for those who don't know, is a Colombian musician. Back in March, when Venezuela was amassing tanks and troops on the border with Colombia, Juanes organized a concert --Peace Without Borders (Paz Sin Fronteras) -- right on the bridge that connects Colombia and Venezuela in Cúcuta. He also has worked tirelessly to promote the removal of land mines in Colombia. A recurring theme of the lyrics in his songs is PEACE in Colombia, and he has been called the Bono of Latin America.

If you are lucky enough to be able to read the article in El Tiempo, you will find it refers to one of his songs called SUEÑOS. According to the article, it is the anthem of those being held by the FARC in the jungles of Colombia.

Here are the lyrics and a translation:

Sueño libertad para todos los que están -- I dream of liberty for all those that are

Secuestrados hoy en medio de la selva -- kidnapped in the middle of the jungle

Y sueño con la paz de mi pueblo desangrado -- And I dream of peace for my blood sucked people

Y con el final de esta injusta guerra -- And of the end of this unjust war

Sueño con tantas cosas que quiero que sean realidad -- I dream of so many things that I wish would come true

Sueño con morir de viejo y no de soledad -- I dream of dying of old age and not of loneliness.

Sueño con ir a trabajar -- I dream of going to work

y mucho más con regresar -- and even more of returning

cada noche a mi casa -- each night to my home

para estar junto a ti -- to be together with you

y que no muera nunca nuestro amor -- and that our love will never die

eso sueño yo -- this is what I dream of

y que se fundan balas -- and that they will melt down the bullets

para hacer campanas de libertad -- In order to make freedom bells

y que no muera nunca nuestro amor -- and that our love will never die

eso sueño yo -- this is what I dream of

Sueño despertar en un mundo sin dolor -- I dream of waking in a world without pain

pa’que el corazón no sufra más las penas -- so that the heart will not suffer anymore pain

y sueño caminar por las calles de mi país -- and I dream of walking the streets of my country

y solo encontrar paz -- and only finding PEACE.

Here is a link to Juanes singing Suenos at the Paz Sin Fronteras concert.

The pictures to the left of Juanes are of many of the hostages held by the FARC, some of whom were liberated by the Colombian Army Last summer.


Anonymous said…
I had never heard of Juanes until we adopted our Colombiana in 2006. Now he, Shakira, and Dario Gomez [my particular favorite] are regularly in the car CD player.

We have really gotten into Latin music through our daughter's influence. I was able to convert her to appreciating Carlos Santana [his "Supernatural" album is fantastic!] and she has introduced us to Calle 13, and Daddy Yankee.
So this ol' dog has learned a few new tricks - thanks to our Colombiana.

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