ICBF December Wait List

The most recent wait list was published by ICBF on December 11, 2008. This list does not reflect sepcial needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more.

Age of Child / Date of Application Approval

Child 0-12 months Sep-2005
Child 13 - 23 months Sep-2005
Child 2 years Apr-2005
Child 3 years Nov-2004
Child 2 - 3 years Mar-2006
Child 3 - 4 years Apr-2005
Child 4 years Jun-2005
Child 5 years Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years Jan-2006
Child 5 - 6 years Mar-2007
Child 6 years Aug-2008
Child 7 years Jul-2008
Siblings 0 - 4 years Mar-2007
Siblings 0 - 5 years Jul-2006
Siblings 0 - 6 years Aug-2007
Siblings 0 - 7 years May-2008

In answer to the comment below, ICBF provides this list to agency representatives in Colombia. Those reps then decide how to provide their clients with this information. As I have access to the list that the Spanish (as in Spain) agency Adecop posts, I just provided the English speaking audience with a translation. If your agency does not offer you the same information, you may want to ask them about it.


Renee said…
My husband and I are adopting 2 children, ages 0-4 from Colombia. Our dossier was approved Sept. '08. I'd love to know where you got this latest wait list information. Thanks so much.

-adopting 2 from Colombia
Anonymous said…
Hi and thanks for this information. Would you mind clarifying how many kids the wait list represents and whether it is for both international and domestic adoptions. Our agency rep does not seem to be able to give us specifics. Our dossier was approved in April '07 and I don't see that date on the list.
Anonymous said…
Is this just a general list or does this apply to Colombian citizens who are adopting as well?
Colombian Mommy said…
This list only applies to Non-Colombian families. Colombian families receive top priority and are placed ahead of all other families on the wait list.
Anonymous said…


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