Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Potty Language -- "What Did He Say?"

A while back, I read in an adoptive family's blog a story that made me laugh and cry. This adoptive family had just adopted an almost 3 year old boy. This little boy was reported to be potty trained. Of course, the family was thrilled. Who wouldn't be?

Imagine their surprise when a shell shocked little boy would mumble something and then pee his pants. What was going on?

After several experiences, the family was sitting at a restaurant when the boy began mumbling something. The waiter, understanding what all Colombians understand, leaned over to the family and said, "He go toilet." Sure enough, the boy peed his pants.

What is it that the waiter knew that the family did not? Two simple words: "CHI CHI" Pronounced (chee-chee). These are the nearly universal words used by Colombian kids to let you know that they GOTTA GO!

If you want to know what they use for #2, typically either "PO PO" (Pronounced: poh poh) or "POPIS" (Pronounced: Poh pees).

Hope this will help some of you avoid disasters in the future!


Kerry said...

Thank you! We are travelling around Feb. to adopt our 2-year old and I have been wondering about that!

Nate and Rena Duewel said...

We adopted 4 siblings a year ago and still use Chi Chi to this day. We have trained our family that those are the words we use. One of our Nieces, uses this phrase now.