Language of El Valle -- OIGA, MIRE, VEA

In this part of Colombia, there are several very common expressions used to get your attention. Well, it is more like several different version of the same expression. They all translate to -- HEY LOOK, LISTEN!



3- MIRÁ,

And other combinations that include variations of the above. In some instances, the (pronounced: beh) is added to the end of any sentence -- kind of like the stereotypical EH used in Canada. For example, you could hear, "¿Cómo estás, ?" The answer would be, "Muy bien, ."

Kids in this part of Colombia might say, "Mirá, , dame ___." Which means, "Hey, give me ____." Or "Oís, quiero ____." Which would mean "Hey, I want ____." The words do not literally mean LOOK or LISTEN. They are just an expression to get someone's attention and it is also considered a respectful preamble to a request.

The use of the OIGA, MIRE, VEA is so common, it has been put to music -- SALSA music -- another hallmark of CALI -- which we will talk more about on MONDAY. Here is a preview:

This song is also available at iTunes. Look for Oiga, Mire, Vea by Orquesta Guayacán.


Anonymous said…
I loved the song. Salsa is awesome,please include more links like this one!

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