Souvenir Suggestion -- Bordados de Cartago

The city of Cartago, located about 2 hours from Cali, is known as the embroidery capital of Colombia.

Embroidery in the Valle del Cauca has its beginnings in 1540, when the Spanish Conquistadors brought the first hand embroidered items to the area. As the Spanish established themselves in the area, the Spanish women (mostly from Andalusia) brought with them the skill of embroidery. Gradually, their talents were shared with the native and mestizo peoples of the area. Masters of embroidery then transmitted their art from generation to generation and today, embroidery has become a tradition. In Cartago, entire families are devoted to the art -- embroidering blouses, skirts, guayaberas, and bed and table linens.

In appreciation of this tradition and its beauty, might I recommend a weekend or day trip to Cartago where you can purchase a blouse (for a girl) or guayabera (for a boy) as a cultural souvenir for your child/ren.

Check out some of the beautiful designs at the following site:

Also, if you missed out while you were in Colombia, you might want to consider purchasing on-line.





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