Touching My Heart -- Abandoned Babies

I read two articles in El Tiempo last week that I wanted to share. Last week, 2 infants were found abandoned in Bucaramanga. The first is a litttle boy -- who a nurse named Andrés Felipe. He was found stuffed in a suitcase. He has been taken to the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia. He appears to be a newborn of 28 weeks gestation. The doctors at the clinic say he will need to be at the clinic at least 2 more months.

The second infant, a little girl, was found in a cardboard box, wrapped in a sheet, and placed in front of a garbage can. Neighbors heard crying coming from the garbage, found her, and took her to a local health center, which then transferred her to the the hospital "Santa Teresita". ICBF has taken custody of the girl.

As adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents of children like these, I pray that each one of us can say a small prayer for these children and the thousands like them in Colombia and around the world. I also pray that these children may quickly be united with loving parents who can help them feel the warmth and love of the family that they deserve.

Here is a link to the 2 articles -- only available in Spanish.


Erin said…
Praying for these little ones. May they find forever families soon.
Bucada said…
It is so sad. My kids do come from Bucaramanga.
Praying! Great web page, Melinda! Please keep it up! Would definitely love to add it to my blog page...
Will be praying! Thanks again for this informational web page! I would love to put it on my page, if you dont mind!
Hanna said…
Our son was found in a rubbish bag on the street as a new born. I was very sad for that until I visited the hospital where he was brought into by the police officers. There one nurse said that he was very fortunate and that the person who left him on the street wanted him to be found because most of the babies are found in the rubbish bins - dead and live.

Thanks for this blog, I visited here for the first time a couple of weeks ago after I got to knew of this in the Finnish Colombia-adoption-list.

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