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Do you enjoy reading the comics? Well, recently, an American Pulitzer Prize winner, created a comic for his "Mother Goose and Grimm" comic that has caused quite an uproar in Colombia.

Click on this link read it, and then give us your opinion in the comment section below. To make a comment, just click on the word comment below this post. A new window will open and you can leave your thoughts and opinions.



em and pete said…
Wow...that's a tough one. It's frustrating that our country has such negative stereotypes of Colombia. I think that's the most frustrating aspect of the cartoon, that the comment about Colombia is that is has a lot of crime. Given the U.S.'s history of interfering in Colombia, it's sensitive topic. I'm not sure on the other hand that it warrants a law suit. Unfortunately in our country, making fun of people is a national sport.

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