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So, you have been diligently studying Spanish in anticipation of your trip to Colombia. Now, here is a question -- if you are in Medellín, do you want to take your kids to an HELADERÍA?

Probably not!

While in most of the Spanish speaking world an Heladería is an Ice Cream store, in Medellín, an Heladería is a BAR. SO, probably not the place you would want to take you little one(s).

What about taking the kids to a GRILL in Manizales?

Again, probably not. A Grill in Manizales is a Discothèque.

You are with your kids in a restaurant and the waiter asks if you want a FRESQUITO -- what should you do?

Say, YES! A fresquito is usually a soda pop.

You see a bakery and you want some bread -- you grab that dictionary and look up the word for bread. Do you ask for PAN?

Nope! In Medellín, the word is PARVA.

So, PARCE, I hope this helps.

"What does Parece mean?" you ask. It is Paisa for amigo (friend).


Kelly said…
I have been studying Spanish for some time now. I am very slow memorizer. Just gotta say---this was not very encouraging, as I would have totally ended up taking my kids to the bar because I thought heladeria was ice cream store. :o(
Paula e Ivo said…
Hola Melinda!!

Desde Medellin "que hubo pues?" Bien o qué?
Este blog es espectacular!! El alma de la cultura colombiana.
Me parece muy gracioso la combinación de ingles con las palabras tipicas colombianas. Realmente maravilloso!!
Gracias por este regalo para todos nosotros, los papas de niños colombianos!

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