Al Pinochazo -- Colombian Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

AL PINOCHAZO -- In Colombia, this is how randomness is introduced into a selection process in order to make it fair. For instance, when Colombian kids want to decide who gets to go first in a game, they might use this riddle.

Here is how it works. One person would point to each participant, say a few syllables of the riddle, then move to the next participant while saying a few more syllables. When the riddle ends with word (you) that person is selected, or is IT, or wins, or loses as the case may be. When the riddle is said rapidly in Spanish, the moving from person to person ocurs quite naturally.

While there may be some minor variations, this riddle is widespread and well known in Colombia. Indeed, in some parts of the country the expression “al pinochaso” often offers an answer to the question of how someone made a certain decision, or how someone was selected for a position or how someone was chosen to receive a privilege (or a punishment!). Thus, it has come to mean that the decision was made without much thought or in a childish way.

Pinochito y su mujer (Little Pinochio and his wife)

se sentaron a comer. (Sat down to eat)

Pinochito no comió (Little Pinocchio did not eat)

de la rabia que le dió. (because he was very angry)

Sale la luna, (Out comes the moon)

sale el sol, (out comes the sun).

sale Pinocho con su tambor. (out comes Pinocchio with his drum)

Pin uno (pin 1),
pin dos (pin 2),
pin tres (pin 3),
pin cuatro (pin 4),
pin cinco (pin 5),
pin seis (pin 6),
pin siete (pin 7),
Pinochito serás TÚ (Little Pinnochio will be you – ie. you are IT!)


So perfect--I am definitely going to start practicing this one. :) Thanks!
Nancy Pico said…
Divino! Voy a usarlo con mis niños de Kinder y Primero en clase.

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