Been There Done That -- Preparing Kids for their First Airplane Ride

To round out this week's posts on Post-Adoption issues, I wanted to start a new feature -- the Been There, Done That segment. In this segment, parents who have completed their adoptions share their great ideas. This week, I want to thank a friend that I have known for close to three years for his suggestion. His great idea can particularly help families that are picking up their children in the Bogotá and the surrounding area. It is also most helpful for people adopting toddlers to teenagers.

Here is Herman's great idea for helping your child/ren get ready for the long flight home:

"There is a children's museum in Bogotá. It has an Avianca jet on the property. We took our daughter (3 years old) there a couple of times. They explain everything about the airplane to the children in terms that they can understand. They also let them sit in the passenger section and go on a simulated flight. When it was time for the real flight, our daughter was like a seasoned traveler. "

Even if your child is already a seasoned traveller by the time you get to Bogotá, the Museo de los Niños is also a great place to take your child/ren to enjoy a rainy day in Bogotá.

See some pictures and learn more here:


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