The Chigüiro [pronounced chee GWEE roh] (known as Capybara in Brazil) is the world’s largest living rodent. They can weigh up to 140 pounds. They live in herds near swampy areas throughout the Llano. Despite it’s rat-like appearance -- it is what’s for dinner in the Llano.

I had heard about this unique food from my Brother-in-law who was living and working in Yopal. Being the curious soul that I am, I wanted to try some, but there just wasn’t any available in Boyacá.

Imagine my surprise when walking down the Calle 53 (Artesanías Market) in Bogotá, I saw a sign advertising CHIGÜIRO ASADO. My husband, knowing how I love to try new things, asked the chef running the Bar-be-que if I could have a taste. He happily gave me one – for free! It tastes a bit like pork. I also tried Ternera a la Llanera or Mamona (Veal). They were both delicious. We purchased a double portion of meat and made sure the boys both tried it....and even the picky eater liked it. It is definitely an adventure that is worth a try while in the Llano or in Bogotá.


I have some friends from Venezuela who say that "capybara" is the best tasting meat ever! They go capybara hunting every year.
Ed Lauer said…
Just had Chiguiro and it was outstanding!

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