A La Rueda Rueda -- Colombian Ring Around the Rosie

In all countries, there are traditional children's games. Here in the U.S., what child doesn't know the words to Ring Around the Rosie? Who hasn't, at some point, joined hands with family or friends and sung the words and then laughing fallen down?

Guess what? Colombia has it's own version of Ring Around the Rosie! It is called, "A la Rueda Rueda." Now, I know that this is familiar in Venezuela and Spain, but the versions that I have heard from both countries are slightly different from the Colombian version I have learned. So, I now share with you the words, and below -- a video of the song and actions.

A la rueda rueda, (All around the circle)

de pan y canela,
(of bread and cinnamon)

dame un besito (give me a little kiss)

vete pa' la escuela, (take yourself to school)

si no quieres ir, (if you don't want to go)

acuéstate a dormir. (lie down and go to sleep).

Inevitably, there is a chorus of "Otra Vez" (one more time) or "Más" (more) in our house. This is a great game for toddlers to well -- our 7 year old will still play -- sometimes. ;)


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