Latest ICBF Wait List

I have preempted the original post for today -- What to say when your child gets an OWIE will appear on Monday.

The most recent Wait List was published by ICBF on February 24, 2009. The ICBF Wait List applies to adoptions through ICBF only -- not through CASAS PRIVADAS. This list DOES NOT reflect sepcial needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more. There also hasn't been a lot of movement since December, all dates that have advanced I am putting in BOLD and RED.

Age of Child / Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months / Sep-2005
Child 13 - 23 months / Sep-2005
Child 2 years / May-2005
Child 3 years / Feb-2005
Child 2 - 3 years / Mar-2006
Child 3 - 4 years / Apr-2005
Child 4 years / Jun-2005
Child 5 years / Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years / Jan-2006
Child 5 - 6 years / Mar-2007
Child 6 years / Sep-2008
Child 7 years / Sep-2008
2 Siblings 0 - 4 years / Mar-2007
2 Siblings 0 - 5 years / Jul-2006
2 Siblings 0 - 6 years / Aug-2007
2 Siblings 0 - 7 years / May-2008


Anonymous said…
Do these wait list times apply to Colombian citizens?
Colombian Mommy said…
No, Colombian citizens -- in Colombia and expatriates are given priorty over all other groups and typical wait times from the time of dossier acceptance range from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the age range of the child. Some people have waited longer, but this is rare.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this. It is most helpful to have it translated.
Blessings, Linda
Anonymous said…
thank you for the info - it was very discouraging when I saw the wait times and thought they were for Colombian Families.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said…
Can someone explain to me how this wait list works. I think I am right in thinking this is the date of dossiers being sent out to the Regions. Am I correct and, if so, does what is the average waiting time once these have been sent?
Many thanks for any help anyone can give me. We are going through the process in France and therefore doing everything in a third language which can sometimes get confusing when it gets to the finer points of understanding....
Colombian Mommy said…
The list DOES NOT work the way you think. You are placed on the list the day your dossier is APPROVED by ICBF. So, if you submit your dossier to ICBF on January 3, 2009 and you receive approval on March 24, 2009. Then, the day you consider for the WAIT LIST is March 24, 2009. If you have futrther problems understanding this please consult the French Yahoo group --

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