The music of the Llano is called MUSCIA LLANERA. It is of both Spanish and Indigenous origin, and belongs equally to Colombia and Venezuela. It is considered a important feature of the cultural heritage of both nations and is a uniting factor of the people along both sides of the Colombia/Venezuela border.

The original Llanera music is the rural or campesina music. These songs narrate the stories of life and love in rural areas. They use the language of the rural areas and are played with typical musical instruments: the harp (el arpa llanera), the bandola, the cuatro (a small guitar with 4 strings), and maracas.

It is very calming music for the most part. You can explore this genre of music by doing any of the following: go to youtube and type in musica llanera and watch a few videos, or you can go to and look for the link to musica llanera to the left of the screen it has a wonderful list.

Here is an example of one of my favorite llanera songs. It is by Julio Miranda and is called Egoismo.

This song is also available for purchase at the I-tunes store.

Photo by xolkanf

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