Pasto -- Nariño

Perhaps one of the world’s most impressive airport landing strips is in Pasto, Colombia. There simply is not room for mistakes – one wrong move and you fall off a cliff. Check it out!

Not only is the airport unique, but the entire area has its own unique culture. It is highly influenced by the Andean Indigenous Culture. However, never make the mistake of comparing the people of Pasto to people from other Andean Culture hotspots like Ecuador or Peru. While there are similarities, Pastusos are proud Colombians – “Orgullosamente Colombianos”, and resent that others discount them as Colombians because of their close association with other Andean areas.

Pasto is Tierra Fría. In fact, it is COLDER than Bogotá. Like in Bogotá, people conducting business in this area (like your appointments at ICBF and the courts) wear business suits -- ties for men and panty hose for women. You’ll want to bring your sweaters and jackets, and warm pajamas as there is no indoor heat.

The people of Pasto are friendly, but shy. Many will bend over backward to be helpful and treat tourists well. They are helpful, but a bit formal. You’ll want to greet people with a handshake and a formal “Buenos Días, Buenas Tardes, or Buenas Noches.”

Just to show you an example of their friendliness, in preparation for writing this week’s blog I asked for help from a complete stranger – a person that my niece knows from Pasto. He proudly talked to me for over an hour about his city and department. Then, he offered, “Hey, I talked to my Mom in Pasto about your project. She told me to tell anyone who is going to Pasto that she would love to help them in anyway and can help them learn about Pasto’s culture and she will invite them to dinner.”


Anonymous said…
Is it not in Pasto, and the mentioned Andean area, where they pronounce the RR in a funny way, almost like a ZZ in English?

Thank you for your awesome blog.
Anonymous said…
Yes, we have viewed the you-tube landing many times. Jay keeps watching it and asking to see Sara Maria in the video. Thank you for the helpful info about the formality in Pasto. Jimmy was thinking it was less formal than Bogota so I am grateful to know the truth so we can be better prepared. You didn't mention the volcano Melinda. I have never been anywhere near an active volcano. Jay is also very excited about this. Thank you again for blogging about Pasto. Leslie Jurado
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for all the nice things about Pasto and los pastusos. I hope you go back to Pasto to enjoy its people and the food, which it is the most delicious food in Colombia.
Thank you one thousand times,
Sandra Ortiz
Anonymous said…
I've been to Pasto many times. I drove there from Quito. The people from Pasto and Narino are very similar to my people Ecuadorians. Their culture their diet very much more Ecuadorian than Colombian. Even their dialect is a mix of Ecuadorian and Colombian.The people in themselves are very similar to the people in Ecuador
pasto has both cultures ecuadorian and colombian,well colombia has andean culture also but its a big difference since we had different ancestry but pasto and narino is very colombian and not only narino has that dialect also putumayo has a similar dialect and i sure can tell the pastuso accent from an ecuadorian accent a mile a way !!! que viva colombia carajo !!!!!!!!!!

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