Classic Song -- Campesina Santandereana

Every country has its classic songs, known by old and young alike. Colombia is no exception. In the 1990's, RCN (the Colombian radio station) put together a list of most beautiful songs in Colombia. Among them, was a song written by Jose A. Morales -- CAMPESINA SANTANDEREANA. The song is a Bambuco. Bambuco is folkloric music and is sometimes called the unofficial music of Colombia. The typical Bambuco ensemble is composed of the Tiple, the Mandolin, and the Guitar. The Bambuco has a melancholy sound. Adding this tune to your music collection is a great souvenir idea for children born in Santander.

Hear and see a video of the song:

The Lyrics

Campesina Santandereana
eres mi flor de romero,
por tu amor yo vivo loco
si ni me besas me muero,
me muero porque en tus labios
tienes miel de mis cañales
que saben a lo que huelen
las rosas de mis rosales,
que saben a lo que huelen
las rosas de mis rosales.
cuando bailas la guabina
con tu camison de olan,
hay algo entre tu corpiño
que tiembla como un volcan,
es el volcan de tus senos
al ritmo de tu cintura,
campesina Santandereana
sabor de fruta madura
campesina Santandereana
sabor de fruta madura

Download this song at Itunes store. The best version is by Garzón y Collazos.


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