La Vaca Lechera -- More Children's Songs

Here is another kid's song. This one is about a milk cow. The song was actually written by a man from Spain, Jacobo Morcillo, and is popular there also. In the song, you will see the word condensada -- which means condensed -- as in condensed milk. In other Spanish speaking countries they say merengada. Most of the recorded versions that I have heard use Merengada and not Condensada. But, my Sister-in-law insists that it is CONDENSADA in Colombia.

Tengo una vaca lechera. (I have a milk cow.)
No es una vaca cualquiera. (It isn't just any cow.)
Me da leche condensada. (She gives me condensed milk.)
Ay! que vaca tan salada! (Wow! What a salty cow!)
tolón , tolón,
tolón , tolón.

Un cencerro le he comprado.
(I've bought her a cowbell.)
Y a mi vaca le ha gustado. (And this has pleased my cow.)
Se pasea por el prado. (She goes for a walk in the pasture.)
Mata moscas con el rabo. (She kills flies with her tail.)
Tolón, tolón,
Tolón, tolón.

Qué felices viviremos,
(How happy we will live,)
Cuando vuelvas a mi lado (When you return to my side,)
Con sus quesos, con tus besos (With your cheeses and your kisses)
Los tres juntos ¡qué emoción!
( The three of us together. What emotion!)

I love this version because it is sung to a Cumbia beat, which makes it a bit more palatable for a parent :).

If you wish to buy a copy of the song, go to Itunes and look up Vaca Lechera. You can listen to several versions. My favorite is by Ismael Rivera. There are some differences in the lyrics, but again the more adult friendly version makes great listening for the whole family.


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