Afrocolombian Hairstylist

The parents of adopted Afrocolombianos and particularly Afrocolombianitas will appreciate a discussion of hairstyles. Afrocolombians consider hairstyles, particularly braiding, a cultural expression.

The traditional Afro-Colombian hairstylist would work from home. She would use special combs and conditioners to style, hydrate, and color the hair. Most of the products that they use are natural and are found in the flora and fauna of Colombia.

Escoba Babosa or Malvacea -- Conditioner

Going to the hairstylist is considered a social event. From the times of slavery, information was passed along at the meetings. In addition, information was passed along in the hairstyles. Whether the braids were curvy or straight, long or short, each detail of the hairstyle meant something. For example, the hairstyle could show a map to a secret meeting spot or to freedom.

Just in case you want to take your child to get his/her hair done -- so they will look awesome when they meet their new friends and family back home -- you'll want to take them to a professional Afrocolombian hairstylist. In Bogotá, the best Afro-Colombian hairstylists are found on Calle 17 & 19 between 7th and 10th. You can try Galaxecentro 18 located on Carrera 10 con 18.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the information you are writing about afro-colombians. It's hard to find this information anywhere else. The touristinformation about Colombia have next to nothing about afro-colombians, no pictures, no informations. I want to tell my kids about their afro-colombian history.
Sorry this is kind of a random comment, but I don't know how else to contact you... (I didn't see an email anywhere, although I could have missed it.)

We finally found out that our kids come from Chiquinquira - do you have any information about that town/area? Population, what the area is like, etc? I'm not finding much online so I'm guessing it's a bit off the beaten path? Thanks so much.

Again, sorry for "hijacking" this comment area - thought it would be best to comment on your latest article so perhaps better chance you would see it?? Thanks again! :-)
Anonymous said…
It's this information still accurate about the best place to find Afro-Colombian hairstlylists? I will be coming to Bogota to live for a couple years and need to find a stylist. I'm African American.
Anonymous said…
It's this still true about where to find the best Afro-Colombian hairstylists?
Colombian Mommy said…
Yes. You still be able to find hairstylists in that area.

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