Friends of Colombian Orphans

A while back I reported on an article in El Tiempo that talked about the kids that are never adopted. Unfortunately, the older the kids gets, the less likely he/she will find a forever family. This leaves thousands of kids without the support, help and guidance of a family as they start out life as an adult.

Yesterday, we met Jane and John. They are the proud parents of a beautiful Colombian girl, adopted when she was 13. Jane and John's daughter spent many years living in a orphanage prior to her adoption. It was her home.

When Jane and John saw where their daughter had been living, they wanted to do more than simply take pictures and say "good-bye". They hatched a plan to help the girls left behind. The ones that may never find permanent homes.

They started a non-profit organization "dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in Colombian orphanages."

Their organization is called "Friends of Colombian Orphans." Friends focus is on orphanages in need. They organize and supervise improvement projects using donated funds.

The amazing thing is that 100% of donations go toward projects that directly impact life at the orphanage. No one on their board takes money. There are no middle men, and they have already accomplished small goals -- painting, replacing windows, and other home improvements.

However, they have bigger dreams in mind. They want to help the girls that are left behind to have a brighter future -- by giving them a practical skill that they can take into the employment world. Right now, that goal is to teach the girls "how to machine knit beautiful garments and offer them at sale outlets both in Colombia and abroad." Their hope is that as the children "age out" of their institutions, "they can go on to build successful entrepreneurial futures for themselves and their children."

They also have even more lofty goals: "As we grow larger, we plan to expand the program by creating halfway houses for our graduates so that knitters have a secure and supportive community of like-minded men and women where they can live and continue to knit while they find their niche as successful, productive members of society."

They are well on their way to accomplishing their goals, but they need help. I am sharing this with you -- the reader -- in hopes of helping this couple achieve their goals. Please follow this link to their website! Learn More! And if you feel so inclined, donate to help the girls.


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