Latest ICBF Wait List

I have preempted the original post for today -- There will be More Children's Songs Tomorrow.
The most recent Wait List was published by ICBF on April 8, 2009. The ICBF Wait List applies to adoptions through ICBF only -- not through CASAS PRIVADAS. This list DOES NOT reflect sepcial needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more. There also hasn't been a lot of movement since December, all dates that have advanced I am putting in BOLD and RED.

Age of Child ------- Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months ------ Nov-2005
Child 13 - 23 months ---- Nov-2005
Child 2 years ----------- May-2005
Child 3 years ----------- May-2005
Child 2 - 3 years -------- Mar-2006
Child 3 - 4 years -------- May-2005
Child 4 years ----------- Jul-2005
Child 5 years ----------- Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years -------- Jan-2006
Child 5 - 6 years ------- May-2007
Child 6 years ----------- Nov-2008
Child 7 years ----------- Nov-2008
2 Siblings 0 - 4 years --- Mar-2007
2 Siblings 0 - 5 years --- Jul-2006
2 Siblings 0 - 6 years --- Aug-2007
2 Siblings 0 - 7 years --- May-2008


Carolina said…
Does this include Parents with Colombian heritage?
Colombian Mommy said…
NO! Parents with Colombian heritage are placed at the top of the Wait List and have first priority -- ALWAYS!
Renee said…
Why do you think there hasn't been any movement in the 2 siblings 0-4 category?
Anonymous said…
And I wonder why siblings 0-5 is so far away from 0-4 and 0-6?
Anonymous said…
I wonder what is included in the definition of special needs nowadays in ICBF?
Anonymous said…
Is there a newer list than this one available?
Colombian Mommy said…
This is the latest list as of today's date.

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