Los Pollitos Dicen.... Children's Songs

One of the classic children’s songs of all Latin America, including Colombia is Los Pollitos. It is perhaps one of the first songs that little children will learn, and everyone knows it.
In the recording industry, there are as many versions of this song as there are different stars with their own Christmas albums. Some versions are lullaby-like, some are faster. Some versions have children singing, some have adults.

You can hear many versions on Itunes, look up Los Pollitos. My favorites are by:

Juan José Carranza on Dream Songs, Night Songs
Juan González y Banda Criolla on Caribbean Fiesta for Kids

You can hear the song and see a cartoon at the following site:

There are also differences in the lyrics to the song. Here is the version my Colombian sister-in-law taught me:

Los Pollitos dicen: Pío, pío, pío (The little chicks say: cheep, cheep, cheep)
Cuando tienen hambre (When they are hungry)
Cuando tienen frío (When they are cold)
La gallina busca (The hen forages for)
El maíz y el trigo (corn and wheat)
Les da la comida (She gives them food)
Y les presta abrigo (And she lends them a coat)
Bajo sus dos alas (Under her two wings)
Acurrucaditos (Snuggled nice and tight)
Duermen los pollitos (The little chicks sleep)
Hasta el otro día (Until the next day)

Cuando se levantan (When they wake up)
Dicen, “Mamacita,” (They say, “Mommy,”)
Tenemos mucha hambre (We are very hungry)
Da nos lombricitas (Give us some worms).


Paula e Ivo said…
Melinda: Esta es de las canciones preferidas de nuestra Sofia. Mil gracias!!!

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