Save the Titís -- In Honor of Earth Day

Since the Mico Tití is unique to Central and South American Rain forests, and several are also unique to Colombia, the Tití is an important focus of preservation and conservation. The greatest danger to the Micos Tití is deforestation. Forward thinking people have established organizations to save these endangered species.

Perhaps a great way to include your Colombian kids in environmental conservation would be to teach them about the Micos Tití and then participate in programs designed to save these beautiful and uniquely Colombian animals. There are two different programs designed to help protect these animals. Below, you will find more information about conservation efforts and links to the websites.

The first program is the PROYECTO TITÍ. Designed to preserve the Cotton Top Tamarin. From their website, "Proyecto Tití is a multi-disciplinary in situ conservation program that combines field research, education initiatives and community programs to make the conservation of natural resources economically feasible for local communities in Colombia. The program is designed to provide useful information to assist in the long-term preservation of the cotton-top tamarin and to develop local community advocates to promote conservation efforts in Colombia." I really love their focus on the community. They are helping prevent deforestation by giving people other options for earning money. Learn more at their website:

The second program is the FUNDACIÓN BIODIVERSA COLOMBIA. Amongst the many programs they are working on is a program designed to save the Tití Gris. It has a long list of Zoo sponsors, and you might be able to find out more from a local Zoo listed on its site. Unfortunately, most of the information is in Spanish.


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