Abuelita Carmen's Limonada

My favorite Colombian drink is not coffee. It is Limonada. As summer rears its HOT head, here is a slushy refreshing way to cool down. This recipe straight from Abuelita Carmen. It serves about 4 - 5 slushy 8 oz. limonadas.



Step #1 -- Take 3 whole limes, wash, and cut off only the tips. Then slice the limes in half and place in your blender (peel and all).

Step #2 -- Add about 3 cups of cold water.

Step #3 -- Blend for about 15-25 seconds -- do not blend longer or the limonada will become bitter. You will know that you have blended enough when the limes are chopped up in pencil eraser size pieces.

Step #4 -- Take a good strainer and strain the water/juice into a container. Let all of the water strain out ---I use the back of a spoon to push the juice through the strainer. Then, dump the pulp in the garbage disposal (it makes for a great scent when you flick it on).

Step #5 -- Rinse out the blender so it is clean. Put the juice back in with about 3-4 heaping Tablespoons of Sugar (sometimes you need a little more depending on how bitter the limes are) and a bunch of ice (2-3 cups). Then blend. Makes a delicious slushy limonada.

You can put in less ice if you want it more like a drink, but you will have to offset with more water to taste.

As with any Abuelita Carmen recipe, it is not an exact science. A handful of this, a pinch of that, and her daughter-in-law trying to figure out the non-metric equivalents for everything. But, we do make this at home all the time in the summer, and I think that this is closest thing you'll get to a recipe. ENJOY!!


Anonymous said…
Abuelit Carmen is awesome!
Pilar said…
I have made this before and it is so tasty. Especially n a hot summer day or when you're eating something fatty:)

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