Call for Stories

I have gotten some wonderful e-mail about Jane's posts on her older-child adoption wisdom.

So, I would like to publish some stories about your adoption experience -- be it older child, sibling group, pre-schooler, toddler, infant.

Was there something special about your experience that will give encouragement to those that wait? Do you have grains of wisdom that you would like to share with other adoptive parents worldwide? For our European readers, I can take your comments in Spanish, Italian, or French -- I might also have help with Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and German. So, please don't let the language barrier stop you from sharing.

Please send your adoption stories, comments, or ideas for future blog topics to me at:

colombiansadoptcolombians @

Please remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol before sending.

And before I forget, no one pays me for this blog, so I can't pay you. Know that your stories are appreciated and are posted here with no hope of economic gain now or in the future.


Camilla said…
I can translate from Norwegian, Swedish ore Danish.

Looking forwards to reading the stories.
Colombian Mommy said…
Thank you Camilla -- you were the person I was thinking could help me with Norwegian -- happy to know you can help with other languages.

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