Colombian National Holidays

Many an adoptive parent has been set back a few days by the observance of one of the many Colombian holidays. Here is a list of the official national holidays. This list was esablished by Law #53 in December of 1983. On these days, courts close, ICBF offices are closed, and many tourist attractions also close. So, if you will be in Colombia on these days, be forewarned.

1st January New Year's Day
6th January* Epiphany
19th March* St. Joseph's Day
1st May Labour Day
29th June* St. Peter & St. Paul
20th July National Independence Day
7th August Battle of Boyacá
15th August* Assumption Day
12th October* Columbus Day
1st November* All Saints Day
11th November* Independence of Cartagena City
8th December Immaculate Conception
25th December Christmas Day
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday
May or June* Corpus Christi
June* (third Friday) Sacred Heart of Jesus
Ascension Day* 40 days after Easter

* When these holidays do not fall on a Monday, they will be observed the following Monday. This is called a PUENTE or bridge.


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Great idea! Next Week's posts are already written, so look forward to seeing something the following week. Thanks for the suggestion, I am always open to ideas from my readers. :)

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