Escalona DVD and CD

In 1991, CARACOL TV hired Sergio Cabrera to direct a Telenovela (Soap Opera) in tribute of Rafael Escalona. In 2007, the entire Telenovela was made available on DVD. Filmed on location, the novela stars Carlos Vives, the 9 time grammy nominee. If you speak Spanish, it would be a must have! (We own it!)

If you do not speak Spanish, but would like to enjoy the music from the Telenovela, you can buy the CD -- a bit pricy now that it is out of print. Or refer to the list of songs on the CD, and download from Itunes or other music sharing service.

Here are the titles of the Escalona songs on the CD.

1. Testamento
2. Molinera
3. Patillalera
4. Almirante Padilla
5. Mejoral
6. Miguel Canales
7. Villanuevero
8. Jamie Molina
9. Arco Iris
10. Jerre Jerre
11. Custodia de Badillo
12. Resentida
13. Golondrina

I really like Mejoral.


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