La Muñeca Azul

This is a classic children's song. Again, there seem to be word variations in the lyrics depending on which Spanish speaking country you are from. However, this is the version that was taught to me by my Colombian relatives.

Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul (I have a little doll dressed in blue)

Zapatitos blancos, delantal de tul (Little white shoes, an apron of tulle)

La llevé a paseo, Y se me constipó (I took her for a walk, and she got congested)

La pusé en la cama con mucho dolor (I put her in bed in a lot of pain)

Y esta mañanita me dijo el doctor (Early this morning the doctor told me)

Que le el jarabe con un tenedor (To give her cough syrup with a fork.)

Dos y dos son cuatro (Two plus two is four)

Cuatro y dos son seis (Four plus two is six)

Seis y dos son ocho (Six plus two is eight)

Y ocho diez y seis (Plus eight is sixteen)

Y ocho vienticuatro (Plus eight is twenty-four)

Y ocho treinta y dos (Plus eight is thirty-two)

Ánimas benditas, me arrodillo yo. (Holy souls, I better kneel down.)

Here is a pretty good version, there are a few lyric changes, but it is pretty much how I learned it from my family.

You can see the Spanish -- as in Spain -- version of this song. The tune is the same, but as I mentioned above some of the words are different.

Yet another version with differing lyrics.


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