Summer Reading for Middle Readers

Yesterday, we read about San Pedro Claver. In the brief summary, mention was made of his trips to the slave ships, where he was accompied by interpreters. The Negro interpreters were criticaly important to his work among the suffering slaves. One of them, named Calepino, spoke 12 languages. The others were: Andres Sacabunche and Ignacio Aluanil from Angola, Solfo and Yolofo from Guinea; Biafara, Manual, Juan Manolio, and finally Nicols Gonzlex.

Using the story of San Pedro Claver and his interpreters, Julia Durango has created a wonderful book for middle aged readers (ages 8-12). It is entitled "The Walls of Cartagena," it was published by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing in July of last year. Having read the book, I believe that it would help teach your child/ren about this amazing man and the work that he performed in Cartagena.

Here is a website with pre-reading and discussion questions, as well as writing topics, so you can help your child get the most out of his/her summer reading.


Anonymous said…
Based upon your review we purchased this book and I can't tell you how much we (including my 8 year old daughter) are enjoying it! A good, educational read!
THANKS for this and the WHOLE BLOG, we really appreciate it

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