More Souvenir Ideas

The professional soccer leagues in Colombia are found in most of the major cities. In fact, there are 18 different teams in the A League, 18 in the B League, and 18 in the C League. They also have female leagues, under 20 leagues, under 17 leagues, juvenile leagues, you get the picture.

Soccer is very important in the country, and so is knowing which team is "YOUR TEAM"! Everyone has a favorite team. Usually, it is the team in the city where you are from. In cases where there is no team, families can divide their alligences. In the case of my husband's family -- there was no team in Boyacá until recently -- there are fans of América (from Cali) and Millionarios (from Bogotá), and now many are fans of Boyacá-Chicó (from Tunja).

Perhaps one of the best SOUVENIR ideas for your Colombian child is to get them a team jersey from the city or department where they were born. Or, if you would rather, get your child a jersey from the Colombian National team. These shirts are available all over the country and are typically pretty inexpensive -- plus, they don't take up much room in a suitcase.

Here is a great site if you would like to keep track of Colombian fútbol.


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