Los Pollos de mi Cazuela

Here is another little children's song. As usual there seems to be a lot of variety in the lyrics. I have heard at least 5 different versions of this song. All very similar, but here are the lyrics to the version I heard first in Colombia. This is also the version I found in the music of the Colombian National Library -- Luis Angel Arango.

Los pollos de mi cazuela (the chickens in my pot)
No sirven para comer, (aren't any good to eat)
Si no para a las viuditas
(if the widows do not stop)
Que los saben componer (the ones that know how to fix them)
Se le hecha ají y cebolla (Add garlic and onion)
Hojitas de laurel; (and Bay leaves)
Se sacan de la cazuela
(You take it out of the pot)
Cuando se van a comer. (When you are going to eat them)
Componte niña componte,
(Fix it, little girl, fix it)
Que ahí viene tu marinero, (Because here comes your navy man)
Con ese bonito traje (with his handsome suit)
Que parece un carnicero; (that makes him look like a butcher)
Yo soy la que parte el pan
(I am the person who breaks the bread)
Yo soy la que sirve el vino
(I am the person who serves the wine)
Yo soy la que se menea
(I am the person who shakes)
Con este cuerpo tan divino (With this beautiful body of mine)
A noche yo te vi
(Last night I saw you)
Bailando el chiqui chá (Dancing the Chiqui cha)
Las manos en la cintura
(With your hands on your waist)
Me sacaste a bailar.
(You invited me to dance)

You can hear the library's version, by clicking here:


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for posting these children's songs. We're adopting a young sibling group from Colombia and knowing these songs will really enrich our time with the kids not only while we're getting to know each other, but also for helping them to stay connected with their culture.
Colombian Mommy said…
Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading this or being helped by it. I really appreciate comments!

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