Que Pase El Rey --Colombian London Bridges

In this game, you need several people (6-10) about 3 years and older. Before the game begins you pick 2 children to be the "bridge". Then, these two children each secretly decide what color or fruit or animal they want to be. To make it simple let's use colors -- one child picks blue the other green -- the two children know each other's color, but the rest of the group should not know the colors.

You are ready to begin the game. The two bridge children hold hands and raise them up to form a bridge. The other children stand in a straight line ready to go under the bridge. Then you begin singing the following song and the children pass under the bridge then run around to get in line again. The kids continue to pass under the bridge until the last line of the song.

El puente está quebrado. (The bridge is broken)
Con que lo curaremos? (How will we fix it?)
Con casacara de huevo
(With egg shells)

Burritos al potrero (Donkeys to the pasture)

Que pase el rey (Let the King pass by)

Que ha de pasar (Because he should pass)

Que el hijo del conde (But the son of the Count)

Se ha de quedar (He must remain).

At the last word "quedar", the child under the bridge is trapped by the falling bridge. In a whisper, so that those remaining in the line can't hear, one of the bridge kids asks the trapped child if he prefers blue or green. The trapped child responds and then he goes to stand behind the person who had picked that color.

The game continues until all the children are on one side or the other of the bridge children. Then, with the bridge children holding hands, the children behind them each grab the waist of the person in front of them. Then, there is a tug-o-war, which ends when one side or the other falls to the ground and the Bridge is Broken (El Puente Esta Quebrado).


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