Summer Reading for Your Teen

In 1996, Lyll Becerra de Jenkins wrote a book that won the Américas Award Honorable Mention. Becerra de Jenkins was born and raised in Colombia, by an activist father. The book, entitled "So Loud a Silence", offers a teen great insight into Colombian politics. It is a coming of age story -- perfect for an older teen reader 14+.

In the book, 17 year old Juan Guillermo is a city dweller, disconnected with his family's life and economic struggles in the big city. Then, he is sent to spend time with Doña Petrona in rural Colombia. There, he becomes caught up in the complex politics of rebel vs. army. The difficulties he faces while visiting rural Colombia force him to return to the city with a greater sense of family, purpose and the importance of social and political choices.

I think it can provide perspective for a young adult reader on the problems and issues in Colombia.


Arya-Francesca Jenkins said…
Thank you for this great blog on all things Colombian. Thank you especially for mentioning my mother's book, SO LOUD A SILENCE. Lyll Becerra de Jenkins wrote two other books, THE HONORABLE PRISON, and CELEBRATING THE HERO, both of which were published previous to her last, which was SO LOUD A SILENCE. I am Arya-Francesca, her first-born daughter, a Colombian-American and also a writer. How wonderful to read about so many of the aspects of my Colombian culture on your blog, including panela! Please keep it up!

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