In and around Villa de Leyva, you will find hundreds of real relics -- FOSSILS. The fossils, particularly those of ammonites are so common that many of the buildings in Villa de Leyva have used them as part of the buildings themselves.

In 1977, farmers in a nearby vereda (hamlet) discovered the remains of a 115 million year old Kronosaurus. It is one of the few completely intact fossil remains of this particular animal to be found -- the others are located in Australia. They built the museum around the original find.

Museo -- El Fosíl
The museum is located about 5.5km (2 miles) outside of Villa de Leyva, just off the main highway to Santa Sofia.

Outside of the Museum, dozens of people are selling fossils they have found in the area. You can pick up 5 inch size AMMONITES for just a few dollars.


Open: Mo-Su 8am-6pm. Entrance Fee: $2.500 pesos -- about $1.30.

Here is a You-Tube viedo of the museum.


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