I am going on vacation for a week and a half -- please stay tuned for my next offerings on Afrocolombians and then more Colombian Myths and Legends.

Also, please leave me a comment about future subjects that you would like to see covered. I'd love to answer questions or give any information that you are specifically looking for.

I have a few ideas for weekly series including searching for Birth Parents, Lifebooks, Colombian authors and painters, more on Afrocolombians, and the Amazon. Abuelita Carmen has also sent me a few new recipes that we can try out.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy su vacaciones! Your blog has been a god-send in terms of getting insider knowledge on Colombian culture and also for its insights on adoption issues from a Colombian perspective. I like your suggestions for future posts--especially the lifebook topics. Also, I've been very curious about the experiences and perspectives of the foster moms and families that are taking care of our children before we adopt them. Do you have any contacts in that area that could "guest post" similar to Jane? Finally, I remember watching a video in one of my adoptive parenting classes that showed teenage and adult adoptees explaining how it felt to be adopted and what they wished their parents knew. Jane's postings provide a little of this, but I wonder if there's a way to get other Colombian kids' comments shared? The older ones may feel more grief from being separated from their culture/country and I think we could learn something from knowing what they miss and want to know...
Mary M.
Anonymous said…
At the risk of stirring up right vs. left, how about the origins and history of 'La Violencia'?
I concurr with Mary M., enjoy your vacation! You deserve the rest.
Hope all is well,
Anonymous said…
I would love to hear more of "been there done that", more book ideas, and topics on helping those adopting older children.
Christy said…
On a completely selfish note, I would love to hear more about Manizales, as we were just assigned that region. I know you have posted numerous posts that are specific to regions or cities and I have really enjoyed those.

Happy vacation!

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