The Currulao is the main dance of the Afrocolombians on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Its rhythm and music clearly have African roots.

The music consists of a 6/8 rhythm played by up to 10 percussion instruments. These include the marimba de chonta, two cununos (which are 2 drums: one is considered male, and the other female), the tambora or bombo (a big round drum), the redoblante (a small portable drum), and 5 guasás (kind of maraca like instrument made from the stem of the Guadas plant).

The vocals are usually sung by a woman who narrates stories in a rhythmic rhyming way.

See a video of a currulao musicians here:

You can buy a video that will teach you (and your little ones) how to dance the Currulao. Here is the link:

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