My Cuñada's Recipe for PATACONES

The author of our Monday post on Ibagué mentioned to me in an e-mail that she had eaten a plethora of plantains. Here is a recipe for one plantain recipe: Patacones. Patacones are popular in most of Colombia and are commonly made in Tolima.


Green Plantains

Step #1

Cut green bananas in pieces about 1 inch in length.

Step #2

Fry in hot oil -- but remove before they start to brown.

Step #3

Mash the fried banana.

Step #4

Place the half cooked mashed banana back in the hot oil and cook until golden and crispy.

Here is a You Tube video of the process.

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Tom & Carrie said…
We loved these! Thanks for the recipe! (now I just have to find green plantains!)

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