Colombian Halloween

While October 31st is Halloween here in the US, there is a similar -- typically -- less scary holiday in Colombia on the same day. Until 2001, it was called Día de los Niños. However, in 2001, spurred on by the ICBF and concerns over the violent nature of Halloween, the official title of Día de los Niños was removed and passed on to the last Saturday in the month of April -- it is called the Día de los Niñez y Recreacion.

Halloween is now just Halloween or Noche de Brujas. On this day, children dress up as their favorite character. Walking the streets, you will see Batman, fairies, dogs, cats, ninjas, cowboys, princesses, etc. The children will get candy, balloons, ice cream and other gifts in celebration.

Unlike here in the US, where kids go from house to house seeking candy. Most kids are taken to shopping malls or grocery stores (Centros Comerciales) where they ask for and receive candy.

So, what is the Colombian Trick or Treat saying?

It goes like this:

Triqui Triqui Halloween -- Tricky Tricky Halloween
Quiero dulces para mi -- I want candy for me
Si no hay dulces para mi -- If there is not candy for me
Se le crece la nariz. -- Your nose will grow.

This is the more sanitized version of the saying -- as in another version, you would threaten to break people's windows if you didn't get candy.


Anonymous said…
Cool information! I thought Haloween was a candy company made up holiday here in the U.S. It's great that you added the traditional candy-requesting chant :)
Zack and Paola said…
Ok I'm from colombia, and I distinctly remember always singing that: triky triky halloween, quiero dulces para y si no me dan se les crece la naris. The other singy song was more of a joke never meant for reals and it was never officially change. since the second one was never meant to be sung at houses, kids just made it up as a joke. Same thing that at Christmas time kids made up funny lyrics to the villancicos.

And we do go to houses too, that was the fun part going to all the fancy houses to see which one was had the best decorations but yet again This was in barranquilla.

sorry just though I corrected you since you made it sound like everyone sung the other trick or treat song prior to 01,
Anonymous said…
OMG, that is so funny Melinda. My husband always is saying "Tricky tricky Halloween" and I thought it was just another one of his weird sayings! -Emily
Anonymous said…
That is so funny Melinda. Herson says that all the time and I thought it was just another weird saying he had made up!
Carolina said…
I used to go from house to house just like here in the US.

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