Drinks of the Costa Pacífica

One of the most unique aspects of food from the Pacific coast is the large variety of drinks that they have. Each department seems to have their specialty drink.


For this coconut chocolate milk, you take 8 bars of Colombian chocolate, 2 cups of coconut milk from freshly opened coconuts, 4 cups of milk, and sugar to taste. First, melt the chocolate in the coconut milk on low heat. Mix constantly with a hand mixer (molinillo). When the chocolate is completely melted, add milk and sugar and stir until they are dissolved.

JUGO DE NAIDÍ - from Guapí, Cauca

The naidí (nigh DEE) is more commonly known in the U.S. as the

acai fruit. They come from palm trees where they grow in bunches, like grapes. They start out green and turn a deep reddish-purple when they ripen.

To prepare a delicious drink from the fruit, you place the ripe berries in a pot of water that just covers the berries, and then boil on high for about 30 minutes (add water if necessary). After they are cooked, remove the berries and mash them with a rock. Then, take the remaining pulp and put it in a strainer until all the juice is collected. Mix the juice with milk and sugar -- to taste and serve cold.

FRESCO DE AGUACATE -- from Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca

Here is a different way to use your avocado. In Buenaventura, they make a drink out of it. Take 1 large avocado -- or several of the kind you can buy here in the U.S. -- cut in two, remove pit, and scrape out the pulp with a spoon. Put the avocado pulp in a blender with 4 cups of milk and 1 cup of sugar. Mix until smooth and refrigerate. Serve cold.

FRESCO DE GUANABANA -- from Tumaco, Nariño
In a blender, you mix 1/2 a Guanabana with 4 cups of milk, 1 cup of sugar, 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon, and lots of ice. Delicious!


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