An Easy Way to Help Friends of Colombian Orphans

Ebay Giving Works is an easy way for anyone to support Friends of Colombian Orphans. You decide what you want to sell and list it using the link below. When your item sells, you mail it, and MISSIONFISH will collect the donation, send it to FOCO and will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

Here is an opportunity for you to sell your stuff on ebay and have the proceeds from the sale to go to Friends of Colombian Orphans. Please decide what you would like to donate, and then go to the following link:

You can read more about FOCO at the following link:


Jane King said…
Thank you SO much for posting this today! Our Missionfish online auction benefitting FOCO will go LIVE on Sunday. We have around 60 items donated - many of them handmade by talented knitting friends from around the country. Also, of interest to readers of this blog, we have a lot of wonderful artisanal items that we found in small towns around Bogota when we were there in July. We need to raise money to keep the machine knitting classes going, and (hopefully) to expand into other institutions in 2010.

In addition to the auction, I am also applying for grants. So please know that any donations are gratefully received AND used wisely. EVERY dollar helps. Please note that we also may be recipients of matching grants, so if there are any readers whose companies do that, we are a choice for you as well.

Thank you so much!

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