Festival de la Luna Verde -- Green Moon Festival

El Festival de la Luna Verde or the Green Moon Festival got its start in 1988, with the 1st annual festival. The Festival was designed to celebrate the Affro Caribbean roots of the islands (San Andres, Santa Catalina and Providencia). According to an article I read in El Tiempo, the festival is unfortunately no longer held. However, here is what it was like.
The party would begin with a parade to all parts of the island, following the roads, accompanied by music. There were marches and dances hearkening back to dances from Ghana and other African places.
At night there were music competitions from groups representing European folkloric music like polka and chottis that has influenced the people of the islands.
There were also presentations paying homage to the population's African roots. These groups used drums, shells and other native African instruments -- they called this the Congo Meeting.
The festival also included musicians from all quarters of the Caribbean playing genres like Reggae, Ska, Calypso, Vallenato and other musical traditions.
And, of course, what Colombian Festival would be complete without a beauty contest. In this case, it was the Reinado del Coco -- where they would crown the Coconut Queen.


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