Not to Miss Cuisine - Asado Huilense

The most typically food associated with the Festival de San Pedro (Festival Folclórico de Bambuco) in Huila is the famous ASADO HUILENSE or Hulian Bar-B-Q.

Though each family probably has its own take on the amount of spices and the kinds of spices used, however, the overall idea and taste of the Bar-B-Q is the same.

You can use some or all of the following ingredients:

Carne de cerdo -- Pork
Cerveza -- Beer

Ajo -- Garlic
Pimentón -- Green Pepper
Cebolla larga -- Green onions
Laurel -- Bay leaf
Tomillo -- Thyme
Yerba buena -- Spearmint
Albahaca -- Basil
Poleo -- Pennyroyal (a kind of mint plant)
Naranja agria -- Bitter orange
Nuez Moscada -- Nutmeg
Canela -- Cinnamon
Sal -- Salt
Pimienta -- Pepper

The pork is marinated in the beer/spice marinade for at least 24 hours. Then, you put it in a clay tray and place it in the oven -- they use a brick and clay oven. Look at the cool video:

I couldn't find a free use photo, but here is a link to a picture:

I have gotten some e-mail and comments from people who for religious -- or other reasons do not eat pork. So, I wanted to make a suggestion for a not to miss cuisine for a non-pork food, you may want to try Pollo Gritador (Screaming Chicken). This tasty dish is made with chicken, hogao, and aguardiente (an alcoholic drink made from anise).


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