Why are kids in ICBF care?

The newspaper El Tiempo recently had a article that discussed the top reasons why children in the department of Cundimarca (the cities and area surrounding Bogotá) end up in ICBF care.

According to the article, the number one reason children come into the care of ICBF Cundinamarca is physical abuse and neglect.

The report states that in 2008, 3,178 children were referred to ICBF for reasons of physical abuse. So far this year, 2,496 children have been referred to ICBF for the same reason.

According to the Infant and Adolescent Police, the cities of Soacha, Chía and Facatativa are the cities with the highest number of reported abuse cases in Cundinamarca.



Anonymous said…
Hello and Thank you for this post!

I thought it might be helpful to clarify as a point of comparison with the U.S. that when the statistics for child abuse and neglect are usually cited, the actual breakdown of abuse and neglect for "most" localities is 90% neglect (lack of proper nutrition, medical care, other basic needs)and only 10% abuse (physical/sexual abuse). What's not clear about the Cudinamarca statistic cited in the article is what % the 3,178 is of all child maltreatment cases.

Our agency and others have said that children are in ICBF care because of extreme poverty which leads to neglect. It's probably due to the confusion of the statistics cited for abuse&neglect that led to the more generic term "child maltreatment" to encompass both abuse and neglect. But it helps to take a closer look at the data.

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