Amazonas -- Colombia's Amazon Region

In actuality the Amazon region of Colombia makes up 42% of Colombian territory, but it is the area with the lowest actual population. There are six departments that make up this region of the country: Amazonas, Caquetá, Guainía, Guaviare, Putumayo and Vaupés. However, small parts of the departments of Narino, Cauca and Meta are included in the Amazon region as well.

This region unfortunately includes some of the most dangerous parts of Colombia and is infested with FARC and other rebel groups. It was in this region that Ingrid Betancourt was held captive for so many years.

It is also the region where the native indigenous cultures have been best preserved.

In addition to the native populations, the large cities include 'colonists' from Colombia's interior as well as from Brasil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. According to the latest national census, conducted by the DANE, the Amazonian region's city of Florencia has the largest population (121, 898), followed by San Jose de Guaviare, (34,863), San Vicente de Caguán (31,011), Puerto Asis (27,609), Mocoa (25,751), and Leticia (23,811).

Because of the sparse population in these areas, few children are referred for adoption from these areas. However, every year several foreign families travel to Florencia and even fewer travel to the other areas like Leticia. For families that do get the thrill of seeing the Amazon region of Colombia, remember that hot weather clothing rules apply -- no suits for men no pantyhose for women. Dress nicely and modestly -- especially for your ICBF and Court appointments. Just because it is hot does not mean beach type attire or shorts are appropriate for these activities.

Also, if you are one of the lucky families that has travelled to this region, I would appreciate some free use pictures :) Thanks!



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