Bora Indians

The Boras of the Amazon live in Peru, Colombia and Brazil, with approximately 1000 Boras Indians living in Colombia. They have divided themselves into different clans, in which each clan represented by a different animal. Each clan paints the design of their clan on their face using huito dye. People are not allowed to marry within their clan.

The Bora live, like the Yagua, in large communal houses called Malocas. The Maloca is shaped as an octagon and has three openings. It is said to be the representation of the universe.

Their traditional clothing is made from tree bark and is course -- like burlap. Typically women do not wear anything on top.

The Boras are survivors. Despite their horrible treatment as slaves by rubber plantations in the early 1900's, they have managed to bounce back and are fervently trying to maintain their language and culture.

You can learn more about the enslavement of indigenous peoples of the Amazon in the book:

The Putumayo, the Devil's Paradise
by Walter E. Hardenburg and C. Reginald Enock

You can read it online or down load it at the following site:



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