Chicha Caribeña -- Not to Miss Cuisine

While on the Altiplano Cuniboyacense Chicha is a fermented drink, in Cartagena CHICHA is any fruit drink that is NOT fermented. These are like the Liquados of Mexico.

These drinks are available throughout the city and are made with any number of fresh fruits, which are blended with water and sugar. Here is a short list of some of the CHICHA you can try while in Cartagena.

Cerezas - Cherries
Corozo - a nut from a palm tree
Guyaba - Guava
Mamón or Mamóncillo
Piña - Pineapple
Tamarindo -- which is considered the best
Uvita de Playa -- Beach grapes
And more

Many of the fruits of Colombia are virtually unknown in the rest of the world, and they are truly delicious. Giving them a whirl is well worth the money and you could try a new one every day!


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