El Caribe -- The Caribbean Coast

The Atlantic or Caribbean coast of Colombia is called the Caribe region of Colombia. It consists of the following departments: Atlantico, Bolivar, Cesar, Cordoba, Guajira, Magdalena, Sucre, and a small part of the departments of Choco and Antioquia.

The Caribbean is Tierra Caliente at its best. If you can't remember the post about Tierra Fria vs Tierra Caliente -- click here


Most of the stereotypes apply. The Costeños -- as they are called -- are just another word for happy, friendly, party-going people.

The Caribe is very hot and very humid. When picking up your child in this area -- no SUITS or PANTYHOSE are needed. Nice cotton -- docker -type pants and collared shirt for men, summer (modest -- don't wear strapless or spaghetti straps) dresses for women.

If you are in Barranquilla, there is a sight you will not want to miss -- the brand new PARQUE CULTURAL DEL CARIBE, which was inaugurated a little less than a year ago in December 2008 -- there are still phases to be built. Museo del Caribe

The idea for a park that celebrates the culture of Colombia's Atlantic coast was proposed by a few famous Colombians -- including the nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- in 1998. The complex was designed to revitalize the historic part of Barranquilla. It includes the culture museum (Museo del Caribe), a children's library, a library dedicated to the works of Garica Marquez (Biblioteca Mediteca Macondo), and a public plaza (Plaza Mario Santo Domingo).

The Plaza Mario Santo Domingo has a wonderful play area for children -- perfect for adoptive families!! There are also mist sprayers to help beat the heat.

Eventually, after phase 2 is complete, there will be an art museum and a theater.



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