La Familia López's Arroz con Coco

One of the first Colombian dishes I ever tried was Arroz con Coco. I actually tried this dish while living in Toronto, Canada -- five years before I even met my husband. I met a family from Cartagena and they invited me to dinner -- on the menu -- Arroz con Coco. I liked it so much I asked for the recipe. I will now share it with you.


2 cups of long grain white rice

1 cup of raisins

4 Tablespoons sugar

1 cup butter

Sal to taste

3 cups of coconut milk from a can

2 more cups coconut milk which should be from fresh coconuts that you grate, add a little water, and squeeze out the milk yourself through a strainer . This is called the PRIMERA LECHE.

Step #1

In a pot, put the PRIMERA LECHE and cook until it boils down and turns golden.

Step #2

Add raisins, sugar and a little butter. Mix and add the coconut milk.

Step #3

Bring to a boil and add rice and a pinch of salt. Let the mixture boil down until the grains of rice are just starting to be visible.

Step #4

Turn the heat to its lowest setting, add the rest of the butter to the top, and cover. In about 20 minutes, the rice will be ready. It may be sooner -- just look for it to be dry.

Step #5

EAT!!! YUM!!!

I found a great video showing the process:

* Photo


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