Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero, originally from Medellin, is perhaps the most famous Colombian artist. In fact, he calls himself the " most Colombian of Colombian artists."

He started out as a painter and has become famous not only for his paintings, but also his sculptures.

His art was originally recognized in 1952, when he won the Ninth "Salon de Artistas Colombianos".

Then, he left for Europe. Studying art for a time in Spain and then in Italy. He struggled to find his voice, so to speak, for several years and eventually ended up in New York in 1960. There his art was recognized and awarded the Guggenheim National Prize for Colombia. He then began to develop his technique of exaggerating proportions -- making things fat. The first recognized painting in this style is entitled "La Familia Pinzon".

In the early 1970's he began to develop as a sculptor. Today, he is a very prolific painter and sculptor. He has donated many of his works to Colombian parks and museums. You can see some in the Parque de Berrio in Medellin and in the Museo Casa de la Moneda in Bogota.

We were fortunate enough to see a traveling exposition -- The Baroque World of Fernando Botero -- just a couple of months ago in Colorado Springs. The exhibit is now at the Bowers Museum of Art in Santa Ana, CA until December 6. It will then go to St. Petersberg, FL., Reno, NV., Winnepeg, CANADA, and Toledo, OH.

You can also catch his Abu Ghraib exposition at the Berkley Art Museum from now until February 7, 2010.

You can purchase posters of some of Botero's paintings here, a great souvenir for any Colombian child. Beware, he has many nudes so you may want to check out the site without young children:




Jane said…
The Botero museum in La Candelaria (Bogota) is unforgettable. It's a "must visit" when you go to the city.
Tours Medellin said…
The world's largest collection of Fernando Botero paintings and sculptures is to be found in his home city of Medellin.

ZORBA offers Fernando Botero tours which include a look at Medellin's revived art scene.

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