Latest Wait List Statistics

As of October 30, 2009, there were 3,749 potential adoptive families that have been approved by ICBF to adopt. This number is down by 19 families from July. These are the families -- in Colombia and abroad -- that are currently on the WAIT LIST. The actual break down is Colombian families 205, foreign families 3,544.

Remember, Colombian families (whether living in Colombia or ex-pat Colombians abroad) receive PRIORITY and PREFERENTIAL treatment. That means that the Colombian family will be considered for any available child BEFORE any foreign family. If the Adoptions Committee considers that the Colombian family makes the best match, then the available child is assigned to the Colombian family. If the Adoptions Committee does not think that the available child makes a good match with the Colombian family, other families are then considered. Some Colombian families (those living in Colombia) will remain in the Region where they processed they paperwork -- no matter how many children are available. This means that some Colombian families wait many months, others get referrals in a few weeks. Usually the expat Colombians will be assigned to a region based on the immediate availability of children, unless they have otherwise requested a region. Often ex-pat Colombian families get referrals before families in Colombia because they are typically willing to be sent to any region where a child is available.

Again, as of October, 2009, the following families remain on the Wait List:

92 families who were approved for adoption in 2005 -- down from 144 in July
504 families who were approved for adoption in 2006 -- down from 666 in July
869 families who were approved for adoption in 2007 -- down from 948 in July
1,110 families who were approved for adoption in 2008 -- down from 1,196 in July
969 families who were approved for adoption in 2009 -- up from 572 in July


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